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How to Create Your Own Custom Tissue Paper Design: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding custom tissue paper is a powerful branding play for businesses that want to stand out. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers for a moment.

You've just received a new product. Something you've waited for for a long time, have received a gift (either from yourself or someone else), or even something new for your home. 

You've done your research, found a great deal, and now it's here in your home. 

Now what?

Well, do you rip open the packaging, throw it in the bin, and get on with your day, or do you take your time? Imagine opening it and unwrapping the layers to reveal your new product, shiny and ready for you.

The latter is packaging these days. Whether you're unboxing the latest iPhone, a coffee machine, or a new pair of trainers, packaging is part of the product experience, and offering a great one keeps customers happy and coming back for more.

And when you're using custom tissue paper with your logo and graphics, you transform packaging into a luxurious unboxing experience people can't help but love.

However, if you're thinking of getting custom tissue paper for your brand, but you're afraid it might be complex and expensive, don't worry. You don't need a big budget to design custom tissue paper that reflects your brand. 

With a few simple steps, you can create tissue paper that looks high-end and delights customers.

In this guide, we'll walk through the entire process, from choosing a design to printing professional-quality tissue paper. Whether you want to feature your logo or go for an artistic motif, we've got you covered.

Let's elevate your unboxing experience with custom tissue! It's easier than you think.

What are the benefits of using custom tissue paper?

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Splurging on custom tissue offers tons of bang for your branding buck. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • It makes your packaging look polished and luxe. Plain tissue can seem cheap, but custom tissue elevates everything.
  • It builds brand awareness. Your custom design repeatedly exposes customers to your logo, colours, and style.
  • It creates a special unboxing experience customers love. The unwrapping moment becomes Instagram-worthy!
  • It can promote offers and events. Print key details right on the tissue for targeted promos.
  • It's budget-friendly and easy to produce. No need to break the bank to get quality custom tissue.

When you're making a first impression with packaging, custom tissue helps you put your best brand forward. For a small investment, it pays dividends in boosting perceived quality and awareness. Pretty sweet deal!

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Custom Tissue Paper

Okay, with the benefits and value of custom tissue paper clear in your mind, let's break down an easy step-by-step process that will bring these ideas into reality.

Step 1: Choose a design

The fun starts with choosing a design that reflects your brand's vibe. You've got options:

  • Create your own original design - get creative with colours, fonts, and graphics!
  • Find a premade design online - affordable and still customisable.

Some tips for choosing your design:

  • Use your brand's colours and fonts so it's instantly recognisable.
  • Match it to the product you're packaging. Luxe jewellery? Go elegant.
  • Nail the look and feel you want to achieve. Modern? Retro? Artsy?
  • For DIY designs, use high-res images and simple fonts/colours for easy printing.

Take your time playing with ideas in this step. The design should feel like an extension of your brand's visual identity. Make it bold and memorable!

Step 2: Prepare your design for printing

You've got a killer design - now let's set it up for high-quality printing:

  • Save your design in a print-ready file format like PNG, JPEG, or PDF. No low-res files!
  • Make sure it's at least 300 dpi resolution for crisp, vivid colours.
  • Size it to perfectly fit your tissue paper dimensions. No awkward cropping!
  • Keep the design and colour palette simple enough for printing. Too complex can cause issues.
  • Add any last polishing touches before finalising the file. It's your chance to perfect it!

Taking the time to prep your artwork means your custom tissue will come out looking just as awesome as you envisioned. Don't skip this step - a pro-quality design file makes all the difference!

Step 3: Choose a printing method

You've got a couple of options for flawlessly printing your tissue paper design:

At home: Print on regular paper with a home printer, but beware - tissue thickness can jam printers. You may need to print sheets separately and tape them together. We really don't recommend this option unless you have the equipment to do a good job.

Professional printing: For best quality, use a professional printer. They can print directly on luxe tissue paper and offer finishing like die-cutting, foil, embossing, etc. This takes it to the next level and is the best approach by far. 

Just place your order and get your new custom tissue paper delivered to your door. Everything is handled on your behalf, and you can ensure a high-quality product every time, all while having enough time and energy to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Questions to consider:

  • How many do you need printed? What's your budget?
  • How thick and durable does the tissue need to be?
  • Do you want any special finishes like foil or embossing?
  • Does your tissue paper need to be sustainable and recyclable

While home printing works in a pinch, professional printers have the equipment and expertise to make your design shine. Custom tissue is all about quality and presentation, after all!

Step 4: Print your tissue paper

The moment has arrived - it's time to turn your design into gorgeous printed tissue!

If printing at home:

  • Carefully prep and load your printer with tissue paper to avoid jams.
  • Print slowly and check alignment as it goes to ensure a clean print.
  • Be prepared to print sheets separately if needed and assemble together.

If professional printing:

  • Send your prepped design file and specify the paper finish/thickness.
  • Provide any other instructions like quantities needed, die-cutting, foil, etc.
  • Ask for a sample print first to confirm you're happy with the quality.
  • Review the final prints thoroughly before approving the full order.

With professional equipment and some TLC, your design will print flawlessly. Just take your time and don't cut corners - custom tissue is all about the details!

Step 5: Use your custom tissue paper!

Your printed tissue paper is ready to take your packaging to the next level! Here are creative ways to use it:

  • Wrap products for an elevated, personalised unboxing experience. Add a "wow" touch to your packaging.
  • Line gift boxes and gift bags for any occasion. It makes presents look extra thoughtful.
  • Create promotional materials like brochures, flyers, and newsletters by printing them on tissue sheets.
  • Decorate your office, trade show booth, or event space with custom tissue streamers, signs, and accents.
  • Craft decorative envelopes, invitations, and announcement mailings to stand out.

The possibilities are endless when you have professional custom tissue representing your brand. Get creative with ways to integrate it into everything you offer customers!


Creating your own custom tissue paper is an amazing way to make your branding shine through packaging. With this easy step-by-step guide, you've got everything you need to design and print tissue that wows.

The final result is packaging that looks luxe, represents your brand, and delights customers - all for a reasonable investment.

For hassle-free custom tissue printing, the professionals at Custom Tissue Paper UK have your back. With tons of options and top-notch quality, they'll bring your design to life flawlessly.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to treat your brand to custom tissue magic! Visit Custom Tissue Paper UK for a quote on printing your brilliant design today. Your customers will thank you!

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