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How to Stay Ahead of the Curve with Business Packaging Trends in 2024

Packaging design is having a moment.

In our uber-competitive landscape, it's one of the best ways to hook customers and build serious brand love. Just take a look at the iPhone or Google products and how every time you unbox one, it's a sleek and satisfying experience that just hits the spot.

People rave about it. Loyalty skyrockets. Videos of unboxing receive millions of views. And all you're really doing is taking something out of a box.

Yet, it still has such a big effect.

Businesses, namely your competitors, know this, causing packaging trends to evolve faster than poodle perms in the 80s. Stay stagnant at your own risk!

The good news? 

We've got the inside scoop on 2024's hottest packaging trends. We're talking major innovations that'll help your business wow customers, dazzle 'em with sustainability, and look damn good doing it.

Read on to discover the trends poised to separate trailblazing brands from the pack of followers. Then, start cooking up plans to implement them in your own packaging. 

It's time to give your brand an edge.

Let's go.

Top business packaging trends for 2024

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Sustainable packaging solutions

It should come as no surprise that sustainable packaging is topping the trends list of 2024, as has been the case for the last couple of years, as our precious planet is top of mind for consumers these days.

As a result, people are looking to do business with brands committed to reducing their environmental impact, of which a sizable portion of the attention comes down to packaging.

Thankfully, due to the trends, there are so many incredibly innovative ways to make your packaging ultra-eco-friendly:

  • Recycled materials like paper and cardboard that give new life to waste
  • Compostable packaging made from bamboo, cornstarch, and sugarcane - nature's gifts!
  • Water-based inks - so much safer for the planet than chemical-heavy alternatives
  • Minimalist packaging - ditch the waste for clean, green designs
  • Reusable packaging - reduce the need for one-and-done materials

Sustainable packaging is a must for attracting today's conscious consumers. Time to flaunt your green cred through greener packaging!

E-commerce packaging trends

E-commerce has boomed! But most ecomm packaging just won't cut it these days. Packaging needs to check all the boxes:

  • Right-sized packaging - too big is wasteful, too small damages products. Just right!
  • Protective materials that keep products pristine during shipping adventures
  • Sustainable materials - recycling and composting for the win!
  • Easy-open designs - no wrapping rage from customers
  • Unboxing experience - the big reveal should spark joy!

Smart eComm brands optimise packaging to balance protection, sustainability, and delight. Don't settle for shipping cardboard boxes stuffed with bubble wrap! Level up with packaging that's as beautiful as the products inside.

Personalised packaging trends

Packaging that feels like it was designed just for them? Now, that's something customers can't resist.

Lucky for us, there are so many ways to personalise packaging these days:

  • Custom printing with names, photos, messages - make it all about them!
  • Handwritten notes for that sweet human touch
  • Tiny gift surprises - who doesn't love freebies?
  • Interactive packaging like fun games, AR experiences, or puzzles
  • Social media integrated packaging - Instagram worthy!

Personalised packaging shows customers how much you value them as individuals. And who could ask for a better first impression than that?

Emerging packaging technologies

The future is now when it comes to newfangled packaging tech. Some innovations to get excited about:

  • Smart packaging - embedded sensors can track locations, monitor freshness, and communicate with shoppers.
  • Antimicrobial packaging - inhibits bacteria growth and food spoilage through nanotechnology magic.
  • Biodegradable packaging - breaks down naturally with lower environmental impact. The future's so bright; we gotta compost our packages.
  • Augmented packaging - AR tech turns boxes into immersive experiences. Tap into phone power!
  • Regeneration tech - cutting-edge science can convert waste into reusable packaging materials. Talk about full-circle sustainability.

These aren't pipe dreams either - they're realities progressive brands can implement today to wow customers. The packaging possibilities are endless!

Use Packaging Trends to Level Up Your Brand

How Package Design Affects Sales

Packaging design is a subtle but powerful way to shape customer perceptions of your brand. By implementing on-trend, innovative packaging solutions, you make a statement about your values while adding value to the unboxing experience.

Choose Packaging that Reflects Your Brand Identity

Every packaging detail, from materials to fonts, should strengthen your brand identity. A few quick tips:

  • Luxury brand? Go for ultra-high-quality materials and elegant, minimalist designs.
  • Quirky brand? Play up the fun with bold prints and colours.
  • Eco-friendly brand? Emphasise sustainability with natural, recycled materials.

Your packaging should be on-brand down to the smallest details.

Invest in High-Quality Packaging Materials

Never skimp on packaging materials - quality materials protect products and convey quality to customers. Some materials to invest in:

  • Thick, durable corrugated cardboard for structure
  • Bubble wrap, inflatable packaging, and foam inserts for protection
  • Attractive outer packing like boxes, tubes, and bags
  • Custom tissue paper for an upscale look

Going premium with packaging shows customers you care.

Maintain Branding Consistency

Keep fonts, colours, logos, and voice consistent across packaging and all other branding. Repeat exposure to visual identity elements builds familiarity and trust.

Implement Innovative, Sustainable Packaging

Eco-consciousness is at an all-time high. Use smart, sustainable packaging to demonstrate shared values:

  • Recyclable and compostable materials
  • Creative zero-waste designs
  • Plastic and foam alternatives like moulded pulp
  • Reusable packaging when possible

Design an Instagrammable Unboxing Experience

Leverage the unboxing moment to evoke emotion and excitement. A few ideas:

  • Packaging that reflects brand storytelling
  • Surprise and delight elements like free gifts
  • Beautiful presentations with custom tissue paper
  • Copy that makes them feel special

With creativity and care, unboxing becomes a share-worthy branded experience.


Packaging innovation moves faster than a TikTok trend! In 2024, expect sustainable, personalised, and high-tech packaging to rule.

Want to stand out from the pack? Dare to implement these forward-thinking trends in your own packaging designs. Show customers you care about both them and the planet through clever, eco-conscious packaging.

Make unboxing an Instagram-worthy experience with personalised touches and premium materials like custom tissue paper. And wow them with tech that takes packaging to the next level.

When you ride the wave of trends instead of watching from shore, you become the brand customers want to buy from again and again.

Ready to turn your packaging into a competitive advantage? The custom packaging gurus at Custom Tissue Paper UK can help make it happen. Reach out today to explore their range of on-trend, bespoke solutions.

It's time to start unboxing success!

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